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Stop Men Witch-Hunt : Man and Women Together!

Dmitri Burshtyn who some days ago started the new campaign under hashtag #CrushSilence, wrote his first post in created by him FB group named "Stop Men Witch-Hunt : Man and Women Together! #CrushSilence"


I want to share this post with you.





Hello everyone. I want to share a story that convinced me that this group have to be created in order to say out loud the truth, to fight for men honor, dignity, and to defend honest men and women against this devastating wave of separation.


This story happened to my friend, with who I’ve studied together in University. At the time he was a mid-level manager in a software company in California. He had a wife and a two kids – everything was OK. Both family and career.


A while ago, a beautiful young girl that had just graduated, started to work in his group. As I’ve said, she was young and beautiful. So, well, there were naturally smiles, jokes and etc. Everything went OK and was nice until... After a several months she asked my friend to promote her to a new management role. He refused, and explained her that she has not enough experience for this position. She was offended, however, she hasn’t showed any sign of it. Nevertheless, she slowly started to spread a gossips, saying that he is stalking her. At the moment everyone in the company knew about these rumors and gossips, she applied to company’s management and complained about him and about his sexual harassments. She told them that she want to sue him. For sure, the company’s management didn’t want any scandals. Therefore, they’ve fired my friend. And what even worse, his wife, when this story came to her ears, filed for divorce.


Now, the life of this absolutely innocent and honest man were ruined: his wife left him, his family was destroyed, and his career and reputation are devastated…while this young woman got the desired position, because the company was too afraid of a potential scandal, and cared mostly about the company’s own reputation.


All this happened based on this new Hollywood wave, a.k.a. MeToo, that accuse without any proofs many men in sexual harassment, or even worse, in rape, destroying their lives, for the sake of achieving their egoistic goals by the “easy” way.


I'm sure that something similar happened to you too, or to your friends, colleagues, people you know and care about. Share your stories, we need them to be heard, we need to stop this wave, to crush the silence, and to unite men and women together.




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